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Meet Andrea


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Who I Am

I'm a fitness instructor/personal trainer with a passion to help people live their best lives using mobility, flexibility, and functional training to bulletproof weak joints and muscles to help avoid aches, pains and injuries in daily living. 

I know from my own experience how debilitating an injury can be.  I overcame it with functional training and continue to learn and grow on my fitness journey. 

 I get so excited when I see people start their own fitness journey and they realize they are stronger than they think and can make a change for themselves!


Training philosophy

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.  -Arthur Ashe

No Excuses! There's a modification for everything!  


My Challenge

Bringing 100% every time!  I don't always want to workout either but I don't give myself an option.  


Career Highlights:


Group Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer
Health Coach


ACE Certified Group Instructor

Functional Fitness Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Body Bar Certification

Red Cross CPR Certification

Pound Fit License

Strong Nation License

Zumba Step License

Zumba Toning License

Zumba License

Zumba Plate Nutrition

Rehab U Level 1 Certification

Certified Flexibility Coach

Certified Barre Instructor

Certified Holistic Weight Loss Coach

Certified CIRCL Mobility Instructor








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